Our company

PRO KONTROL is the largest wholesaler dedicated to the sale of HVAC/R control parts for commercial buildings in Canada.

PRO KONTROL aims to always offer you a first class service. At PRO KONTROL, you will find a vast and diversified inventory of products and a business relationship based on trust and the achievement of common goals. At PRO KONTROL, we specialize in customized solutions and we know how to advise you in the development of your complex and extraordinary strategies as well as your daily needs.

This is why PRO KONTROL has been growing steadily for more than 30 years!

Customer Service

Our customer service department is there every step of the way.

Fast and efficient staff, easily available before, during and after the sale.

Order processing and tracking beyond industry standards.

Best professionals in the industry, available for technical support.

Our objectives

We aim to be a strategic partner in your growth by saving you time and money while optimizing your energy efficiency and performance. In addition, we provide you with the most reputable brands and multiple value-added services, all at Price very competitive.

Organizational Values

Our commitments

At PRO KONTROL, we are concerned about the major issues of the industry worldwide. Whether it's a question of :

PRO KONTROL is a committed player with a broad vision and knows how to take evolutionary, integrated and oriented directions!

Fast delivery

Whether you are near our branches or located in a remote area, our delivery service is available anywhere, anytime! You can take advantage of our ultra-fast and reliable delivery service. Since we maintain a high inventory level, you can receive your order the same day or the next day for most orders.

Our partnerships and strategic alliances

Our long-lasting partnerships with the vast majority of Canadian companies in the HVAC/R control field fully demonstrate the trust our customers and suppliers place in us. Strategic alliances focused on quality of service and results have been created and aim at consistent performance. The biggest names in our industry trust PRO KONTROL to bring their projects to a successful conclusion. More than 60 high-calibre partners whose reputation is well established have joined PRO KONTROL. These suppliers know that they can count on us to promote their products and convey their brand image, so that they can offer you the best possible service.

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